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Internet Email Fraud

April 10, 2023

With today’s technology it is important that you take steps to protect your information online. While we take strong measures to ensure the security of your financial transactions and the confidentiality of your information, it is extremely important that you also take precautions to ensure that your information remains safe and secure. We advise customers to read about these topics and follow the recommended safe computing practices:

Phishing (a.k.a. Spoofs or Hoax)

Phishing is the act of sending an e-mail that appears to be from a well-known company in hopes of getting you to surrender personal information. These fraudulent e-mails will usually ask you to click a link back to a spoof website where you are expected to confirm your personal information. Please note that for your protection First Community Bank will never ask you for your personal information via e-mail. Since these websites can often be difficult to spot, always use caution before answering any online and e-mail request for your personal information.

If you should ever receive an email that appears to be suspicious, do not reply to it or click on the link it provides. Simply delete it. If you are unsure, look for the following traits:

  • The e-mail may allude to an urgent or threatening condition concerning your account
  • Sensitive information is requested, including your Social Security Number, account numbers, pin numbers, mother’s maiden name, etc…
  • The e-mail subject header contains obvious spelling errors and has random characters
  • The sender’s e-mail address is suspicious
  • The greeting is generic and does not refer to you by name
  • The e-mail includes a link to an unsecure website

If you receive an e-mail from a company that you do not have an account with, delete it immediately. Never click on the link that is provided. Sometimes, even if you don’t provide the information they want, simply clicking on the link could subject you to background installations of key-logging software or viruses.

Spyware and Viruses

Spyware and viruses are programs that are loaded on to your computer without your knowledge. Spyware is designed to steal personal information off your computer. Spyware programs can detect the numbers and letters you are typing on your keyboard. Viruses are designed to destroy the information on your computer and hinder its ability to operate as it usually would. Spyware and viruses are both serious threats to the security of your computer. There are many options available to protect your computer against Spyware and Viruses.

  • Install and frequently update anti-spyware and anti-virus software
  • Never accept or download software from a site that you don’t trust
  • Never accept files or attachments from unknown sources

If you ever encounter a suspicious e-mail or website affiliated with First Community Bank, report it to us immediately. Remember, First Community Bank will never ask you for your personal information via e-mail. You can also report any fraudulent activity to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-IDTHEFT.

Online Banking

Online Banking

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