FCB Murals

The Rio Grande Valley is sometimes referred to as the “Magic Valley” for the many treasures that have been born from its fertile soil. The customers, bankers and shareholders of Cameron County’s oldest independently owned bank are well aware. This is why First Community Bank has chosen to prominently celebrate these jewels in several of its banks throughout the region. We invite you to visit each of our locations and enjoy these remarkable pieces of artwork that celebrate the only place we call home.

The collage at First Community Bank – Harlingen Main, 806 S. 77 Sunshine St., was painted in early 2000 by former Harlingen High School art teacher Robert McBain. It pays homage to the Rio Grande Valley’s strong religious traditions. Images of St. Albans Episcopal Church, St Anthony Catholic Church and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, all in Harlingen, and St. Benedicts Catholic Church and First Presbyterian Church in San Benito each appear on this beautiful 17-foot-long mural.

In 2006 Mr. McBain was tapped once again to create an image of the Rio Grande Valley’s prolific palms. On the right, a group of hearty Washingtonia Palms which line our highways and are incorporated into the landscapes of the region’s large buildings and developments. On the left is the Queen or Cocus Palm, which is the most commonly used feather palm in South Texas. The mural brightens the lobby of the First Community Bank at 405 N. Stuart Place Rd. in Harlingen.

In 2012 local artist Don Breeden was asked to capture Brownsville’s rich history and culture in a collage featuring iconic images that celebrate the local area. The city’s entrepreneurial spirit is celebrated through an image of the first railroad built in South Texas. Built in the 1860’s from Brownsville to Port Isabel, the rail connected Brownsville to the outside world. The famous Fort Brown is also featured front and center. Established in 1846, the fort was the first United States Army outpost of the recently annexed state of Texas. And no visit to Brownsville would be complete without sighting a loud and proud pandemonium of red crowned parrots. This lovely mural can be seen at First Community Bank at 470 Morrison Rd. in Brownsville.

First Community Bank’s newest location was constructed in 2016 at the center of the Rio Grande Valley’s hottest growth area over the last 10-20 years. Located on the McAllen/Edinburg corridor at 8000 N. 10th St, the location is perfectly suited to fuel continued development. Through this piece, Don Breeden once again perfectly illustrates many of the treasures which serve as the foundation for Hidalgo County’s growth. The Valley’s agriculture industry is featured prominently on the work, citrus in particular. The mural also highlights La Lomita Chapel, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Mission (established in 1899) and moments in time from the rugged South Texas “Wild Horse Desert.”

Come visit our friendly, knowledgeable hometown bankers to enjoy these beautiful pieces of art and experience South Texas banking like it was meant to be. We take pride in being focused only on the Rio Grande Valley and stand ready help our communities continue to grow and succeed. Other banks have branches, we have roots!