Better convenience for your customers, better value for your business with Electronic Statements and Billing.

If you’ve always envied large businesses’ ability to offer the latest in electronic statement presentment and online bill paying capabilities, your time has come. First Community Bank is proud to offer eDirect. Now you can offer your customers the convenience of viewing statements and paying their bills online too! Reduce costs, decrease the time it takes to get paid and increase customer satisfaction by offering eDirect.

Value for Your Customers

eDirect gives your customers the online billing capabilities common in today’s marketplace. No more wasted time and money writing checks, stuffing envelopes, licking stamps or going to the post office!

Best of all, eDirect is easy to use. Your customers simply log in from a link on your existing website, select a bill to pay and receive an e-mail confirmation. The system also sends e-mail reminders when bills are due to reduce the stress and frequency of forgotten payments and help ensure your customers never have to pay a late fee again.

Value for Your Business

eDirect is a turnkey, cost-effective billing and payment platform that delivers a rich set of tools to small and mid-sized billers once only available to large corporations.

eDirect works with your company and customers to transform paperbased bills, payments and marketing to smarter, more efficient and environmentally-friendly transactions.

eDirect allows your company to distribute electronic bills and accept online payments, reduce payment delivery time and decrease the cost of billing.

Plus, as a customer of First Community Bank you’ll have access to a host of materials you can customize for your own business to help get the word out to your customers and increase enrollment in online billing.

To find out more about offering better convenience for your customers and getting more value for your business, contact us today!

eDirect Benefits

Convenience & Ease-of-Use

  • Integrated bill presentment
  • Customizable to match your brand
  • Works with your existing merchant capture system when needed

Presentment Options

  • Summary and Detail Presentment
  • PDF Bill presentment

Flexible Payment Options

  • Recurring Payments
  • One-Time Payments
  • Customer Service reps can take telephone payments

Choice of Payment Methods

  • ACH (Checking/Savings Account)
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Support for convenience fees

Safety & Security

  • Provided by First Community Bank your trusted partner for financial services
  • Meets government laws and regulations